Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chatting Application Is The New Social Net

                              These days, another way to connects with the people around the world without taking hard time finding one, is by joining to a chat applications of social. We understand, Many platform has been merging to these applications, different kind of Operating System, is another way to support the chatting apps. As BBM (blackberry Messengger) is coming up for Android and iOs, social is big when you notice. Even a big facebook can not contain the hot wave of that social chat apps. Social is narrowing as the people starts looking for a wider range and more spesific frend.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Colaboration between Drop Box and Facebook


              Social and Cloud Server are making their way into the breakthrough of social newest collaborations. Is this becoming the fastest way to encourage people to make their pc or laptop hardisk more efficiently as the use of servers such as Drop Box is joined with Facebook. Whats come in your mind the first thing you see the title ? Well, a new way of uploading to facebook, or making your ways to make your uploading file. As file in facebook are not using in personal uploading status, The Group page seems the right place to do so. Whenever your group needs to adding files to facebook. Drop Box seems the right tool. The usage is nearly because of facebook wanted to make their users of group page becomeing freely to make their ways to uploading files, and not depends on the usage of personal pc’s, whenever other parties wanted to do some uploading of their own. This is because the admintance of group pages, which is one or more administrator of group pages are used.


                   Eventhough the capacity of uploading files is limited in 25 MB, but it is a big opportunities for others to make their update in group is widely used. Why Dropbox .?? . If you see the post in http://kozhe.com on Drop Box you’ll see that Drop Box is very much the right tool, because they can be used with smartphone and pc’s in just a tip of the iceberg. Facebook will becoming very powerfull social tools with a capabilities to link to servers such as Drop Box and the use of clouding in social network will make a new path in Social in the Internet. Eventually there will be Office embended with Facebook, A Presentation in The Group which can be live watch by numbers of people on line, just like when you share your cam to your friends in the internet. Perhaps in near future the technology will be available that time. If you wish more with the used of Drop Box in facebook ? well in this time around is only collaborated to uploading. Thank you for reading this article, and perhaps near future the usage of servers and social becoming more and more develop in the way to share and used by their users.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Place your Social networks photos in Social Folder


             There are so many pictures and videos, in your socials. Some, maybe in facebook, some in twitter, and many in picassa or flickr. Have you ever wanted to compile all your photo’s into one folder which can be sync automaticly ? This folder do just that. Social Folder , making your photos backup and more. With just a simple steps your collections of photo instantly sync and creating a large space for your account. Social Folder can sync in almost any major social networks around. Facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, picassa, and much much more.

            With only sign in up just making your way into one place Drive Box of your socials. In social folder you can easyly setting up and connecting to your various socials. But first you need to cek the site for downloading apps and continued sync there. HERE . After you downloading the apps. You need to login first in their site. Which you can select the package in start you got 1000 files quota. And only 3 service of social available for free. You can connect more in premium account.


           Well, if you really wanted to connect your social and make backup, sync instantly just sign up and make your service connects to social folder.


        With Socialfolder.me your foto instanty sync with the folder. A quick and easy setup and more interactive layout for your amusement.

Last.fm Social n Music or is it Social too Music ?

          The ground breaking Social photo making their booming in early year. But then again, the fast moving more flexible needs for a better social is in large. Last.fm is not a social photo, but like Myspace , music is their priority. Some of the underline items on social, inthe best interest is that, making social net as human being interactions, as last.fm put their test on music to make us connect in interest of music also making music as the red line to connect. Copyright is the main issue in music, last.fm do make music and honour their composers and etc. FOr that we listened to their stream of songs.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Security in the Social networks


The growth of social networks, seems had never been overwhelming in recent years than before. Social in the net, is the answer of all our needs for social relations in order to make more friends around the world. As they growth, the securities of one can be very bornable to each other. If we notice the over sharing in the social networks, started when we put our very own biography. To avoid any such miss used of that kind of information, the developers such as facebook and twitter, had a settings that either you want it to make your information public or private.

                     To make your private seems to be protected, you might learn to used some of the features inthe socials, private or public is the point to make your account securely and most of all untouchable. Social and their use in the internet making your post publicly and the wide of audience you might had, and you will have a broad stream of market. And the privately account, tends to have a narrow small and very tight post also un develop but you will get a securely and more privately account.

When you think a security in the social, you just had a security in the internet. The best choice is in your own hand, If you think that you might wanna had a bigger audience then you might have to open up your private by making all the feature in the social networks a wide broad stream. It is your choice.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pinterest, Social Photo, A Board Pin on Interest


                Not everybody really enjoying updating only by text, the growth of social photo becoming enlarge to evolve and making them together as a pack. Social photo, in their development, is widely use by people because their understanding of something becoming more clearly wide. The use of photo, we also aware of instagram, now a new kind of social photo with packing function, and categories them into board and pinned them. Pinterest, A social photo by using a board pin, to make people gruping their interest on the web, and pinned them so that what they pick is their interest on. By default, we can register on the web, by going to http://pinterest.com , The registering is easy if we have a facebook account or twitter account. Just make use of linking account.


    And a great thing about pinterest is .. you can also register on Android device, with pinterest you can search photo’s of anything you interest on. Also you can see what other people have their pinned on the same subject you search.

screenshot-1345688769022 screenshot-1345688751806

An example of ist of categories you might interested on. When you picked a category, you’ll find a variety of pictures and many of them by popularity of pinned and numbers of follow.


            By doing so, we can cek out other people pinned picture's and if we like them . there are a like feature and also follow feature, so that the one you like you gain subscribe to their updates. Pinterest is growing market or social photo , the difference to instagram is, their photo comes with a very wide of categories, but pinterest just making them as narrow as possible.

The functions of pinterest is under going, but it is and advantage from instagram, and i think we should take the advantages of using this kind of social photo to make our life much much easier. The Social in the pinterest is some how over shared, because we can use the pinterest it self as a local source, or if we want to , we can also shared a link to facebook or twitter.

screenshot-1345689851865 screenshot-1345689813455

The searching functions is wider, by people, by board nor by pins. That surely make the keywords and things we want to search for is taking a narrower. Well, that social photo in terms of my brief explainations and if you like to join them, it is so naturally easy, and above all, the social networks that i posted in this blog, is never the same and i always tried to make them as easier to understand.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Makes Social Over sharing

             We like social networks, as the grew and develop, we like as much as they appear. or example, since Facebook, Twitter seems in slow paced, because everyone thinks the social is to complicated. Nowadays, Social evolved them self into a new form. Social Photo Sharing, The continues evolutions of social taking place when Facebook becomes over powerful. The stance between Facebook and new Social is becoming blurring image. Whenever new social grows and having more users joined, they buy them.

              As Facebook becomes the Docks of Social Networks, they don’t mind at all. But whenever other social started to raised up and gain members. Next thing we know, they announced, that they joined Facebook, and for that reason, the service is no longer accepting new sign up.

             The Aim of social photo is very different from Facebook, Although Facebook is Docking everything on their site. The abilities of surviving in social sites is very much depends on how you evolved and making developments. Think of one social site that grows more than 5 years time . And the answers is Facebook, and also twitter. If we like social its better be a new form form facebook, or taking a specific sharing of Facebook. Videos we already know Youtube, Photo’s eventhoug the mobile social is taking a buyout, Instagram seems still exist.

              Social and their place is mobilized by nature. Smartphone and gadget seems taking out the paced as tech’s becoming smarter. Locations, Photo’s Videos everything we shared on social. But do you think we share  or overshared them ?